NIIN Nicotine Pouch Review

NIIN is a very new nicotine pouch brand which very few people know about at this stage. At the time of writing, they haven’t gone nationwide, but you can get them online still (see below).

NIIN nicotine pouches have a nice design, offer comfortable portions (either 3mg or 6mg), have a steady nicotine delivery, a reasonable flavor longevity (around 30 minutes) and are reasonably moist.

What flavors are available with NIIN nicotine pouches?

  • Spearmint
  • Wintergreen
  • Cinnamon
  • Cool mint
  • Citrus chill

Where can you buy NIIN nicotine pouches?

You can get NIIN nicotine pouches on the official website for the company, but as they’re available on BNB Tobacco, I recommend buying them on BNB Tobacco. With them you know you’re getting a fast and reliable shipment.

Rush Nicotine Pouch Review

Rush is a new nicotine pouch brand made for the US market, though they’re produced in India. The company behind them is Alternative Nicotine Technologies, which is also behind Fre nicotine pouches and 2One nicotine pouches.

Here’s what they look like:

Rush nicotine pouches come in 3mg strength and 7mg strength.

At the time of writing, Rush nicotine pouches come in these flavors:

  • Cinnabuzz
  • Mintsanity
  • Citrus
  • Winterblast

With only 4 flavors available that’s a bit less than most of the bigger brands.

What should you know about Rush?

  • The flavor (no matter which flavor you get) can be expected to last around 30 to 40 minutes
  • Rush pouches are just a little bit sweet. Nothing overpowering.
  • Some flavors, like the cinnabuzz, can be a little bit spicy as well. But again… nothing too overpowering. You may not even notice it.
  • Rush pouches are semi-dry.
  • Portions are slim

Should you try Rush nicotine pouches?

Sure. Rush is a reasonable brand and no worse than others, in my opinion. You may be able to find a more suitable brand for you if you have some specific needs (have a read through my comparisons if you like).

Where can you buy Rush nicotine pouches?

From BNB Tobacco, one of my favorite online stores for buying nicotine pouches.

NIC-S Nicotine Pouch Review

NIC-S (pronounced “nix”) is a very new nicotine pouch currently available on Nicokick:

Like many other nicotine pouches, NIC-S is made in Sweden, but it available to Americans on Nicokick. Currently NIC-S has 5 flavors:

  • Fresh mint
  • Wintergreen
  • Mixed berry (pictured)
  • Spiced cinnamon
  • Sweet orange

And comes in 3 sizes:

  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 9mg

One of the interesting things about NIC-S is they use a pine resin packaging which is much more environmentally friendly than other brands.

What can I say about NIC-S?

  • NIC-S has a nice, natural flavor (testing the sweet orange flavor). It feels fresh.
  • You can expect the flavor to last about 40 minutes
  • Like with other nicotine pouches, first-time nicotine pouch users should start with the lowest strength first (3mg). Try the 9mg if you’re a heavy smoker or you use nicotine pouches a lot.
  • The pouches feel soft.
  • The pouches are slightly smaller than other brands.
  • You get a steady nicotine delivery.

Is NIC-S recommended?

NIC-S is another good brand that Nicokick offers, and they’re worth trying. The flavor is good, they last a long time, and I haven’t seen any quality issues. The only thing slightly negative about NIC-S is that the pouches are a little smaller.

Rogue vs Zyn – A comparison

See our in-depth reviews of both Rogue and Zyn here:

What is better, Rogue or Zyn?

It depends. Zyn is the bigger brand, but Rogue is often cheaper (at least on my preferred site for buying pouches, Nicokick) and has a great flavor (mango) that Zyn lacks. But beyond that, here are the main differences:

  • As we’ve mentioned often, Zyn is the strongest nicotine pouch on the market, and it hits hard. Therefore, it’s only really recommended for heavy smokers or those who have built a tolerance to nicotine. A 6mg pouch of Zyn is stronger than 6mg of Rogue.
  • Rogue is nice and moist and lasts a good amount of time like Zyn.
  • Some people say Rogue is more ‘flavorful’ than Zyn (especially the mango flavor).

Should you get Rogue or Zyn?

I recommend Zyn if you want something strong or they have a particular flavor that Rogue may not have (like coffee), but otherwise, Rogue may be the better bet because they tend to be a little cheaper and pack more flavor.

Rogue Nicotine Pouches Review

Rogue nicotine pouches are a relatively new line of nicotine pouches launched by Swisher (a company in control of several different brands). Here’s what they look like:

Rogue nicotine pouches are available on my favorite store, Nicokick, and have several differences to other brands like Zyn and on!.

What’s unique about Rogue

  • Rogue comes in just two strengths, 3mg and 6mg. This is unlike other brands like on! that have a much wider range of strengths, starting at just 1mg.
  • Some people have reported that Rogue burns your gums, but most people speak positively of it and say it is moist.
  • Rogue comes in a few different flavors, but the most popular one now is mango, pictured above. This is a very unique flavor that other brands don’t offer. And most people say it’s delicious — like eating a real mango! Very sweet.
  • There’s no nicotine salt in Rogue pouches, and so the nicotine is released slower.
  • Like other pouches, Rogue definitely has less of a “kick” than Zyn, which has the reputation as the strongest nicotine pouch. 6mg of Rogue will be weaker than 6mg of Zyn.
  • Perhaps the best thing about Rogue is its price, as at the time of writing they’re super-cheap on Nicokick.

Is Rogue recommended?

Rogue is definitely a worthy contender to other brands, and I recommend trying them (especially if you’re budget-conscious and like mango, because they do that flavor very well).

On! vs Zyn – A rundown

Zyn and on! are perhaps the two biggest nicotine pouch brands. Read our reviews of them here:

As Zyn and on! are both large brands with good reputations, you should have a good experience with either one of them, but there are certainly some differences between the two.

Zyn vs on!: Where do they differ?

  • Zyn and on! share the same flavors for the most part. There are just a couple of flavors that differ: on! has berry and licorice, while Zyn has peppermint and spearmint
  • Zyn is known to be a much stronger nicotine pouch than other brands, including on!. On! offers strengths of as little as 1mg, and that’s recommended if you’re taking a nicotine pouch for the first time. Zyn is not necessarily recommended for beginners, because it’s strong and hits hard and fast.
  • If you’re a light smoker or a non-smoker, likewise, go with on!, because it’s less powerful. Zyn may be suitable for you if you’re a heavy smoker.
  • There’s some disagreement over what brand offers better quality. As Zyn and on! are both well established brands, though, you can expect both to be fine.
  • Some people say Zyn lasts longer than on!

Zyn vs on! verdict

Zyn and on! are both good brands, and it’s hard to say which one is of better quality. But there are situations where one brand will be more suitable than the other:

We recommend Zyn if you want a strong hit, you’re a heavy smoker, or if you’ve used nicotine pouches before and have built a tolerance.

We recommend on! if you’re new to nicotine pouches if you’re a non-smoker, a light smoker or it’s your first time taking nicotine pouches.

Dryft vs Zyn – What’s the best nicotine pouch?

Dryft and Zyn are two nicotine pouches we have reviewed on this site:

Have a read through those first, but as for specific differences between the two, here’s what we would say:

  • As we mention in our Dryft review, Dryft pouches are small and dry, and it’s possible they may irritate your gums a bit. Zyn pouches aren’t as dry as Dryft.
  • There have been a couple reports of quality control issues with Dryft pouches, with some customers finding white powder from the pouches in the bottom of the can (this is probably a rare occurrence – unlikely to be a problem for you).
  • Zyn pouches are much stronger than Dryft (in fact, Zyn is stronger than all other nicotine pouches we’ve written about).
  • Zyn is a much more popular brand than Dryft
  • Dryft has a bigger range of flavors than Zyn. At the time of writing Zyn has only 6 flavors, while Dryft has 8. Some people like the “Black cherry” Dryft flavor which isn’t available with other nicotine pouches. Worth trying if you’re curious.

Which should you get: Zyn or Dryft?

Zyn is more popular than Dryft, is much stronger and less dry. Get Dryft over Zyn if a) you don’t want a really strong nicotine pouch (that’s especially true for people trying nicotine pouches for the first time) or b) you want to try a Dryft flavor that Zyn doesn’t have.

Velo vs Zyn – Which One Should You Get?

Velo and Zyn are two of the most popular nicotine pouch brands. We’ve reviewed both of them on this website:

Read through those for a rundown on both brands. But, for a specific comparison of how they compare, read on.

What are the differences between Velo and Zyn?

Here are some things to note between the two:

  • Zyn is usually more powerful than Velo, so Zyn is recommended for more experienced nicotine pouch users. Many Zyn users have reported that even when taking a Zyn nicotine pouch with the same mg content as other brands, the Zyn had an effect much faster.
  • Given the above, some experienced nicotine pouch users only ever use Zyn. The other brands, like Velo, don’t do anything for them. But if you’re just starting out, taking Zyn as your first nicotine pouch may have you throwing up from the strength. So don’t start with Zyn!
  • If you’re in the USA, Zyn can often be more expensive than Velo (though this will vary from time to time). In Europe they may be priced the same.
  • Velo says it’s a tobacco product, but Zyn says it’s tobacco free. However, technically Velo doesn’t contain tobacco. The nicotine inside Velo may be derived from tobacco only and thus they’re still required to say it’s a tobacco product. But don’t pay any attention to Velo being labelled as a “tobacco product” and Zyn being labeled as “tobacco free.”
  • As mentioned in our Velo review, Velo does not have a great reputation overall. People have said it’s hard, lacks flavor, and is over all too quickly. Zyn is a much better renowned brand.

Velo vs Zyn: Which one’s better?

Zyn is better than Velo because it tends to last longer and packs a far greater punch. However, as stated above, Zyn is not recommended for first time users — it’s better to only get it after you’ve tried some weaker brands and have built up some tolerance, because Zyn has a reputation for being the strongest nicotine pouch. Velo, by comparison, is more suitable for people trying nicotine pouches for the first time.

Where Can You Buy Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches are available to buy in the following places:

  • Many small convenience stores
  • 7-11’s
  • Walmart (albeit at a very limited range)
  • Online stores.

My favorite place to buy nicotine pouches — and my recommendation to you — is online at (see my Nicokick review) as with Nicokick you have a much wider range available to you than any brick-and-mortar store, they’re super fast to ship and answer any support queries, and you will get very good prices (probably the same as the average convenience store, or even better since Nicokick often runs promotions).


Nicokick ( Review

Nicokick ( is my favorite place to buy nicotine pouches, and I always recommend people go with them if it’s their first time trying nicotine pouches. Here’s why:

  • Ships to 25+ countries
  • Over 160,000 customers
  • Sells close to 1 million cans per month
  • Stocks my favorite 3 nicotine pouches (on!, Zyn and FrÄ“)
  • Low prices and frequent discounts
  • Fast support and shipping

At the time of writing, Nicokick has ~300 reviews on Trustpilot with the vast majority (over 80%) being 5 star. That matches my experience pretty well.