77 Nicotine Pouches Review

77 nicotine pouches have a huge range of strengths available, from 3mg/g to 20mg/g. 77 Pouches (official website at 77pouches.com) is a company based in Poland (the only nicotine pouch manufacturer in Poland, to my knowledge) and they’re available to buy on a number of different sites now.

Here’s what a 77 nicotine pouch looks like:

I like the simple and attractive design of these. I don’t know why they’re called 77.

Where can you buy 77 nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What 77 flavors are there?

Here are the 77 flavors I’ve looked at so far.

  • Tropical Mint

A hint of mint (of course) along with mango and starfruit. Light in weight. Nice and cool. A bit sour.

  • Raspberry

A nice fruity taste of raspberry. Not too sweet. A decent flavor, if you like raspberry.

  • Peach & Mint

A nice peach flavor. Very nice. This tastes like real peach and is nice and fresh. Recommended.

  • Classic Tobacco

A roasted tobacco type flavor, with some smokiness.

  • Black Currant

A reasonably blackcurrant flavor, which is not too sweet.

  • Strawberry

A nice taste of strawberry, with slim and soft portions. Tastes like real strawberry.

  • Vanilla Cola

This is a great flavor, and my personal favorite. Vanilla and cola together is a great mix. Delicious. Tastes like vanilla coke.

What’s the best 77 flavor?

Vanilla cola.

Are there any coupons for 77 nicotine pouches?


How does 77 compare to the competition?

77 is the only nicotine pouch brand from Poland, but it’s definitely just as good as other brands. They have some unique and very good flavors.

Is 77 recommended?

77 has put out some great flavors, especially their vanilla cola flavor, so I can definitely recommend it.

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