What Are The Best Nicotine Pouches?

While nicotine pouches are still quite new, there’s no shortage of different brands and flavors. On our reviews page, we’ve already reviewed a number of nicotine pouches including on!, Zyn and Velo, as well as many smaller brands. I thought many of them were sub-par, but of all the brands we’ve written about, there are certainly at least a couple that we can feel comfortable recommending. On this page I’ll summarize what I think the best nicotine pouches are for most people.

My top 3 nicotine pouches

#1: on!

On! (yes, that’s how you write it) is my favorite all-round nicotine pouch brand, and also one of the largest. They have a very wide range of flavors and strengths, and if you’re trying nicotine pouches for the first time, you should definitely be able to find a product in their line-up that’ll be suitable for you.

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#2: Zyn

Like on!, this is one of the biggest brands and a pioneer in the nicotine pouch market. They’re based in Sweden and one of the best selling pouches. You can be confident you’re getting a quality product when you get these. However, be warned that they’re not for the faint of heart! Many people say that taking a Zyn pouch delivers nicotine much harder and faster than other brands with the equivalent nicotine content. So while I like Zyn, I advise only trying it once you’ve started with a low-strength, good all-round nicotine pouch (like on!) and now want something stronger.

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#3: Frē 

Frē is an almost completely-unknown brand, but they’re just as good as on! and Zyn in my view. Like Zyn, though, they’re quite strong, coming in at 9mg and 12mg of nicotine content. You may be able to get Frē for cheaper than Zyn, and if so, it’s worth considering (otherwise, if you want a lighter nicotine pouch, you can skip it and get a low-strength on! pouch instead).

Nicotine pouches I don’t necessarily recommend

  • Velo (also Lyft) — see my Velo review where I brought up some of the issues with this pouch including the lack of taste and hardness
  • Dryft — see my Dryft review where I say it’s a decent product, but not the best because of its dryness

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