Dryft vs Zyn – What’s the best nicotine pouch?

Dryft and Zyn are two nicotine pouches we have reviewed on this site:

Have a read through those first, but as for specific differences between the two, here’s what we would say:

  • As we mention in our Dryft review, Dryft pouches are small and dry, and it’s possible they may irritate your gums a bit. Zyn pouches aren’t as dry as Dryft.
  • There have been a couple reports of quality control issues with Dryft pouches, with some customers finding white powder from the pouches in the bottom of the can (this is probably a rare occurrence – unlikely to be a problem for you).
  • Zyn pouches are much stronger than Dryft (in fact, Zyn is stronger than all other nicotine pouches we’ve written about).
  • Zyn is a much more popular brand than Dryft
  • Dryft has a bigger range of flavors than Zyn. At the time of writing Zyn has only 6 flavors, while Dryft has 8. Some people like the “Black cherry” Dryft flavor which isn’t available with other nicotine pouches. Worth trying if you’re curious.

Which should you get: Zyn or Dryft?

Zyn is more popular than Dryft, is much stronger and less dry. Get Dryft over Zyn if a) you don’t want a really strong nicotine pouch (that’s especially true for people trying nicotine pouches for the first time) or b) you want to try a Dryft flavor that Zyn doesn’t have.

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