Frē Nicotine Pouch Review

Frē nicotine pouches are produced by DTPL in India and sold in the USA by Turning Point Brands. They’re a relatively new nicotine pouch.

Here is what a typical Frē package looks like:

Frē nicotine pouches come in two strengths: 9mg and 12mg (fairly strong as far as nicotine pouches), so probably not for the first-time nicotine pouch smokers. If you’re a regular smoker however you may feel at home with these.

Frē pouches are completely nicotine free, according to what we have read. So not a single trace of any nicotine.

What Frē flavors are there?

These are the flavors Frē has available right now, and which you should be able to buy on sites like Nicokick:

  • Fre Mint

Nice, fresh and smooth. Quite light. Semi dry and tastes like peppermint.

  • Fre Wintergreen

Mild, sweet, soft and comfortable.

  • Fre Lush

Flavor tastes like melon with a little bit of citrus.

  • Fre Sweet

Mostly unflavored. Avoid.

  • Fre Mocha

A very nice coffee taste. Even tastes a little bit like chocolate.

What is the best Frē flavor?

Probably Frē Mint.

Are there any Frē coupons?

Check Nicokick and BNB Tobacco to see if there are any promotions running right now.

How does Frē compare to other nicotine pouch brands?

Frē is definitely one of the best brands, as we say in our article on the best nicotine pouches.

How good are Frē nicotine pouches overall?

Pretty good, I would say, especially for the price (since you can sometimes get them cheaper than Zyn). Fre nicotine pouches are semi-dry, light and soft, and most flavors are certainly not too overpowering.

Where can you buy Frē?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

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