How Much Nicotine Is In Nicotine Pouches?

This varies greatly by brand and product, but the answer is nicotine pouches range in nicotine content from 2mg to 11mg per pouch. All brands offer pouches with different nicotine contents, and it’s up to you how much nicotine you want to have in your pouch. Here’s a few things I’d say on this matter:

  • If your aim is to quit smoking, go with a relatively high amount of nicotine and gradually move on to lower-nicotine pouches until you’re off your nicotine dependence completely
  • Nicotine amount isn’t the only factor in how strong a pouch tastes. As we’ve noted in many of our reviews, a 6mg pouch from Zyn (for example) will hit you much stronger than a 6mg pouch from Velo, which feels much weaker. How long it takes for the nicotine to be released is also a major factor
  • If you’re not a smoker and trying nicotine pouches for the first time out of curiosity, definitely start with a pouch with a low nicotine content

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