Ice Nicotine Pouches Review

Ice is a line of nicotine pouches that are made in Iceland. To my knowledge, they’re the only brand to be made in Iceland right now, with the vast majority of other brands being made in Sweden. It seems these are made by a company called Nicopods EHF.

Ice nicotine pouches look like this:

A very nice design, in my opinion.

Where can you buy Ice nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What Ice flavors are there?

The Ice flavors I’ve found are listed below. All of these weigh 12 grams, have 20 portions, and are slim and soft.

  • Permafrost

Tastes like Blueberry. Quite mild, but tastes natural. The nicotine content is around 14.4mg/portion, which is very high. Packs a punch.

  • Mountain Melt

A mild taste of melon. Not too sweet. Around 10.8mg/portion, so a bit weaker than Permafrost.

  • Glacier Breeze

Tastes like fresh apple with some cola mixed in. Not bad, and not what you’d expect from the “Glacier Breeze” name. 10.8mg/portion.

  • Ice: Frost

Mint and menthol together.

  • Habanero Sunset

A very unique and powerful flavor, with pepper and orange mixed together. Has a mild burn and some spice, but you should be able to handle it. Very strong, like other flavors, at 14.4mg/portion.

  • Licorice Razz

Raspberry and black licorice together. Not bad.

What’s the best Ice flavor?

The best flavor, and most unique, is Habanero Sunset. Pepper and orange is a heck of a combination!

Are there any coupons for Ice nicotine pouches?


How does Ice compare to the competition?

Ice makes some seriously powerful nicotine pouches, with a high nicotine content.

Is Ice recommended?

I absolutely recommend the “Haberno Sunset” flavor, as you won’t find anything else like that.

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