Infiniti Nicotine Pouches Review

Infiniti is a line of nicotine pouches that are made by Amiral Tobacco, based in Sweden. Apparently these pouches have a lower pH than normal (which is claimed to lead to a longer and flatter nicotine delivery). These pouches are not too common, but have been promoted by a few Instagram accounts.

Infiniti nicotine pouches look like this:

A simple and nice design.

Where can you buy Infiniti nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What Infiniti flavors are there?

There are just 3 flavors for Infiniti that I’ve seen so far:

  • Peppermint

Another mint/peppermint flavor. This one is light, sweet and soft. Nice and smooth. These are around 9.12mg/portion in nicotine strength. A defining characteristic is that these last significantly longer than the average pouch, up to a whole hour.

  • Limoncello di Oro

Limoncello is an Italian liquor made from lemon, sugar, water and some alcohol, and that’s what this tastes like. Not too strong though.

  • Apple & Kiwi

Smooth, sweet and a good balanced flavor of apple and kiwi.

What’s the best Infiniti flavor?

It’s hard to say what’s the “best” flavor, but I recommend Apple & Kiwi.

Are there any coupons for Infiniti nicotine pouches?


How does Infiniti compare to the competition?

Infiniti lacks a good range of flavors, with only 3 available right now (and none of them are really revolutionary). Still, they are unique in that they last a bit longer than the average brand.

Is Infiniti recommended?

If you just want a simple nicotine pouch flavor that lasts a good amount of time, then yes, you can try Infiniti. If you get them I recommend going to Northerner.

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