Killa Nicotine Pouches Review

Killa is a line of nicotine pouches that are produced by NGP Empire in Sweden, which also makes the XTRIME line which I reviewed earlier. They’ve been around since 2018, when they were really just a very small niche product. Since then they’ve become reasonably well established and are fairly easy to get (though they’re still a fair bit behind the market leader Zyn).

Killa nicotine pouches look like this:

Like XTRIME pouches, the design on Killa looks like it would appeal to rebellious teenage boys (though you’re supposed to be over 18 or 21 to use these products, of course). As a fully grown man they kind of put me off a bit.

Where can you buy Killa nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What Killa flavors are there?

There are 5 Killa flavors, listed below. All of these are soft, comfortable and reasonably strong as far as nicotine content.

  • Blueberry

A nice taste of blueberry, about what you would expect.

  • Cola

As a fan of cola, this is my preferred flavor.

  • Cold Mint

A simple and mild mint and menthol flavor. Nothing very powerful.

  • Watermelon

A fairly faint taste of watermelon.

  • Cold X Mint

This has some taste of tobacco in it (though it doesn’t actually contain tobacco, of course).

What’s the best Killa flavor?

Cola, in my opinion.

Are there any coupons for Killa nicotine pouches?


How does Killa compare to the competition?

Killa is a bit stronger than most other brands, though still not as strong as XTRIME pouches.

Is Killa recommended?

Killa is a fine product, though their range of flavors is nothing special or unique (with the possible exception of Cold X Mint, since it has a hint of tobacco flavor).

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