Loop Nicotine Pouches Review

Loop nicotine pouches are made by a company in Sweden called Another Snus Factory. This companies first products were nicotine pouches and they contain no tobacco whatsoever. The company was founded in 2019 and at the time of writing their Loop line isn’t one of the most well-known nicotine pouch brands, but they have been around for a decent amount of time (at least given how new the whole nicotine pouch industry is).

Here’s what a Loop nicotine pouch looks like:

So OK… the design isn’t anything amazing, and I don’t get the wavy O shape. But whatever.

Where can you buy Loop nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What Loop flavors are there?

Below are the flavors Loop has in their line right now. Note that for each of these there are regular, strong and extra strong flavors.

  • Mint Mania

Sharp and sweet taste of peppermint. Slim and soft. A little bit dryer than most brands. Some tingle.

  • Jalapeño Lime

Tastes like green chili with a little bit of lime. Slim and soft, like the Mint Mania flavor.  This is a very unique flavor, as no other pouch (to my knowledge) tastes like green chili. You may not necessarily like it.

  • Sicily Spritz

A mild and sweet orange taste. The orange is not too overpowering, and it tastes quite nice. Recommended.

  • Salty Ludicris

Salty black licorice taste with a little bit of raspberry. Gentle and mild. Not too bad.

  • Habanero Mint

Just another mint flavor.

  • Mango Tango

Green pepper and mango together. A little bit of burn. This is another unique flavor, but not one I particularly enjoyed.

What’s the best Loop flavor?

Sicily Spritz.

Are there any coupons for Loop nicotine pouches?


How does Loop compare to the competition?

Loop has some unique flavors, like Sicily Spritz and Mango Tango. Their extra-strong flavors are as strong as any other pouch you’ll get elsewhere, while their regular flavor is suitable for beginners. The quality is fine.

Is Loop recommended?

If you’re interested in some of Loop’s more unique flavors, yes, it’s worth a try. You can get it at all the main sites for buying nicotine pouches.

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