Lyft Nicotine Pouch Review

As of 2020, Lyft is to be sold under Velo – see our Velo review for how good Velo is. In Sweden and Denmark, Velo was sold under the brand name of Lyft, but now the parent company of Velo/Lyft is preparing to consolidate these two brands so everything is sold as Velo (see this article: Velo replaces Lyft). You can consider Lyft and Velo to be the same thing now.

As mentioned in our Velo review, Velo is a big brand, but it doesn’t have a great reputation among nicotine pouch connoisseurs because of its toughness and lack of flavor. As there are plenty of different (and good) nicotine pouch brands these days, you shouldn’t waste time on sub-optimal ones, and therefore you may be better going with something else.

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