NIC-S Nicotine Pouch Review

NIC-S (pronounced “nix”) is a very new nicotine pouch currently available on Nicokick:

Like many other nicotine pouches, NIC-S is made in Sweden, but it available to Americans on Nicokick. Currently NIC-S has 5 flavors:

  • Fresh mint
  • Wintergreen
  • Mixed berry (pictured)
  • Spiced cinnamon
  • Sweet orange

And comes in 3 sizes:

  • 3mg
  • 6mg
  • 9mg

One of the interesting things about NIC-S is they use a pine resin packaging which is much more environmentally friendly than other brands.

What can I say about NIC-S?

  • NIC-S has a nice, natural flavor (testing the sweet orange flavor). It feels fresh.
  • You can expect the flavor to last about 40 minutes
  • Like with other nicotine pouches, first-time nicotine pouch users should start with the lowest strength first (3mg). Try the 9mg if you’re a heavy smoker or you use nicotine pouches a lot.
  • The pouches feel soft.
  • The pouches are slightly smaller than other brands.
  • You get a steady nicotine delivery.

Is NIC-S recommended?

NIC-S is another good brand that Nicokick offers, and they’re worth trying. The flavor is good, they last a long time, and I haven’t seen any quality issues. The only thing slightly negative about NIC-S is that the pouches are a little smaller.

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