Rämmarsnus Nicotine Pouches Review

Rämmarsnus is a very small line of nicotine pouches that are only available on the official website (to my knowledge) at the time of writing. There’s an Instagram page for them, but beyond that, you won’t find much (if any) information about them online. They are developed by a company called Embassy of Snus in Lithuania. Note that despite having “snus” in the name, these pouches are not a snus product. They do not have any tobacco in them.

Rämmarsnus pouches have a simple black and white design:

Where can you buy Rämmarsnus nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What Rämmarsnus flavors are there?

These are the flavors of Rämmarsnus that I have seen so far:

  • Yeti

A pretty ordinary flavor, as a mix of peppermint and menthol. A little bit try. Cool. This one is marked extra strong, so it’s not for newbies!

  • Ice Breeze

Similar to Yeti, this has a peppermint taste and is nice and cool. It’s of medium strength, so you can try it instead of Yeti if you don’t want something overwhelming.

  • Arctic Freeze

Another mint flavor, not very different to Ice Breeze.

  • Melon

Tastes like fresh Melon. A fairly low strength of nicotine.

  • Citrus

Sharp and acidic citrus flavor. A little stronger than the Melon flavor, but still not very strong as far as nicotine content.

  • Lime

An ordinary Lime flavor, with the same strength as Citrus.

What’s the best Rämmarsnus flavor?

It depends on what strength you want. Ice Breeze and Arctic Freeze are good middle-of-the-road options.

Are there any coupons for Rämmarsnus nicotine pouches?


How does Rämmarsnus compare to the competition?

Rämmarsnus is pretty similar to what other brands offer.

Is Rämmarsnus recommended?

You can try Rämmarsnus if it’s convenient for you to buy from the official store, but otherwise, you’d probably find it easier to go with another brand that’s available at gas stations and/or the big websites for buying nicotine pouches. Rämmarsnus doesn’t offer any flavors that other brands don’t, so it’s not a must-try brand.

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