Rogue vs Zyn – A comparison

See our in-depth reviews of both Rogue and Zyn here:

What is better, Rogue or Zyn?

It depends. Zyn is the bigger brand, but Rogue is often cheaper (at least on my preferred site for buying pouches, Nicokick) and has a great flavor (mango) that Zyn lacks. But beyond that, here are the main differences:

  • As we’ve mentioned often, Zyn is the strongest nicotine pouch on the market, and it hits hard. Therefore, it’s only really recommended for heavy smokers or those who have built a tolerance to nicotine. A 6mg pouch of Zyn is stronger than 6mg of Rogue.
  • Rogue is nice and moist and lasts a good amount of time like Zyn.
  • Some people say Rogue is more ‘flavorful’ than Zyn (especially the mango flavor).

Should you get Rogue or Zyn?

I recommend Zyn if you want something strong or they have a particular flavor that Rogue may not have (like coffee), but otherwise, Rogue may be the better bet because they tend to be a little cheaper and pack more flavor.

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