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Rush is a new nicotine pouch brand made for the US market, though they’re produced in India. The company behind them is Alternative Nicotine Technologies, which is also behind Fre nicotine pouches and 2One nicotine pouches.


Here’s what they look like:

Rush nicotine pouches come in 3mg strength and 7mg strength.

What Rush flavors are there?

At the time of writing, Rush nicotine pouches come in these flavors:

  • Cinnabuzz

Sweet, spicy, slim and soft.

  • Mintsanity

Tastes like mild peppermint. Descargar Imagenes Top gratis

  • Citrus

Sour citrus. A good lemon taste.

  • Winterblast

Wintergreen and spearmint together.

With only 4 flavors available that’s a bit less than most of the bigger brands.

What’s the best Rush flavor?


What should you know about Rush?

  • The flavor (no matter which flavor you get) can be expected to last around 30 to 40 minutes
  • Rush pouches are just a little bit sweet. Nothing overpowering.
  • Some flavors, like the cinnabuzz, can be a little bit spicy as well. But again… nothing too overpowering. You may not even notice it.
  • Rush pouches are semi-dry.
  • Portions are slim

Should you try Rush nicotine pouches?

Sure. Rush is a reasonable brand and no worse than others, in my opinion. You may be able to find a more suitable brand for you if you have some specific needs (have a read through my comparisons if you like).

Are there any Rush coupons?

Check on BNB Tobacco.

Where can you buy Rush nicotine pouches?

From BNB Tobacco, one of my favorite online stores for buying nicotine pouches.

Rush Nicotine Pouch Review – Nicotine Pouch Guide

Rush Nicotine Pouch Review – Nicotine Pouch Guide

What Rush flavors are there?What’s the best Rush flavor?What should you know about Rush?Should you try Rush nicotine pouches?Are there any Rush coupons?Where





Rush Nicotine Pouch Review – Nicotine Pouch Guide
Rush Nicotine Pouch Review – Nicotine Pouch Guide

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