Velo vs Zyn – Which One Should You Get?

Velo and Zyn are two of the most popular nicotine pouch brands. We’ve reviewed both of them on this website:

Read through those for a rundown on both brands. But, for a specific comparison of how they compare, read on.

What are the differences between Velo and Zyn?

Here are some things to note between the two:

  • Zyn is usually more powerful than Velo, so Zyn is recommended for more experienced nicotine pouch users. Many Zyn users have reported that even when taking a Zyn nicotine pouch with the same mg content as other brands, the Zyn had an effect much faster.
  • Given the above, some experienced nicotine pouch users only ever use Zyn. The other brands, like Velo, don’t do anything for them. But if you’re just starting out, taking Zyn as your first nicotine pouch may have you throwing up from the strength. So don’t start with Zyn!
  • If you’re in the USA, Zyn can often be more expensive than Velo (though this will vary from time to time). In Europe they may be priced the same.
  • Velo says it’s a tobacco product, but Zyn says it’s tobacco free. However, technically Velo doesn’t contain tobacco. The nicotine inside Velo may be derived from tobacco only and thus they’re still required to say it’s a tobacco product. But don’t pay any attention to Velo being labelled as a “tobacco product” and Zyn being labeled as “tobacco free.”
  • As mentioned in our Velo review, Velo does not have a great reputation overall. People have said it’s hard, lacks flavor, and is over all too quickly. Zyn is a much better renowned brand.

Velo vs Zyn: Which one’s better?

Zyn is better than Velo because it tends to last longer and packs a far greater punch. However, as stated above, Zyn is not recommended for first time users — it’s better to only get it after you’ve tried some weaker brands and have built up some tolerance, because Zyn has a reputation for being the strongest nicotine pouch. Velo, by comparison, is more suitable for people trying nicotine pouches for the first time.

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