What The Heck Are Nicotine Pouches, Anyway?

Nicotine pouches are an alternative to smoking. You put them under your upper lip, and chew slowly. Here’s what one looks like:

This delivers nicotine without tobacco, and without any smoke that may bother others. In fact, with nicotine pouches, you can chew them anywhere and people may not even nicotine you’re taking them.

Here are the key points you need to know about nicotine pouches:

  • They are the same as snus, except they are all-white and don’t contain tobacco
  • They don’t require you to spit out anything
  • They can be easily discarded like chewing gum
  • They can help you quit smoking
  • They should last between 15 minutes to an hour
  • They are available at many 7-11’s and convenience stores (see our article on where to buy nicotine pouches)
  • There are several different brands available (see our nicotine pouch reviews page)
  • They’re available in many different flavors including citrus, berry, mint, and cinnamon
  • They’re reasonably priced, and possibly much cheaper than cigarettes (depending on where you live)

But nicotine pouches are not all sunshine and rainbows. As a relatively new product, there’s a few negatives (or at least reasonable concerns):

  • There have been some controversies around them
  • At this stage there is a lack of independent scientific studies on their potential health risks and safety
  • Concerns have been raised on whether they could cause cancer
  • While they may be better for you than smoking, nicotine still has undesirable side effects

As there is a serious lack of information about nicotine pouches, I started NicotinePouchGuide.com in October 2020 to fill the gap. Read more about this site and the disclaimer.