XQS Nicotine Pouches Review

XQS (official website at xqs.se) is based in Sweden and was one of the first companies to start making tobacco and nicotine-free products, and as of late 2020 has also started branching out into nicotine pouches. Originally they were only available in Sweden, but since then they’ve expanded around Europe and are now easily available online (see below for sites where you can get them).

XQS pouches have a nice and simple design:

Like other brands, XQS cans have 20 pouches in them. They’re of normal strength. Not too powerful, but you can definitely feel the nicotine. The nicotine content is 7mg/portion on all flavors.

Where can you buy XQS nicotine pouches?

Check out BNB Tobacco (recommended site) or Nicokick.

What XQS flavors are there?

These are the flavors of XQS that I have seen so far:

  • Cactus Sour

This is a strange one… who’s ever eaten a cactus? But the flavor is just like green apple. Not too sweet, fortunately.

  • Blueberry Mint

A nice blueberry flavor, which tastes natural. A little bit minty.

  • Black Cherry

I recommend this flavor. Cherry isn’t a common flavor in nicotine pouches, and this one is pretty good.

  • Pipe Candy

Another unique flavor. This tastes a bit like caramel, maybe mixed with pink cotton candy.

  • Fizzy Cola

Cola is one of my favorite flavors, so this one is interesting to me. This tastes like Vanilla Coke. Delicious! There aren’t too many other brands that offer a vanilla coke type flavor.

  • Twin Apple

These are brown, not white like normal pouches. Tastes like a mix of red and green apple.

What’s the best XQS flavor?

Personally, my favorite is Fizzy Cola. Black Cherry is good too. Try Pipe Candy if you want something really innovative.

Are there any coupons for XQS nicotine pouches?


How does XQS compare to the competition?

XQS has some unique flavors, especially their Pipe Candy flavor. I feel the quality of the product is good and they are as good as any other brand.

Is XQS recommended?

I do recommend XQS if you’re interested in some of the unusual flavors they offer. Like other brands, they’re soft, moist and comfortable to put in your mouth. I can recommend them.

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